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Learn to Bake These Four Delicious Bakery-Style Christmas Cakes!

In our mini baking workshop, you’ll learn how to bake four delicious Christmas inspired desserts.

This Christmas special online baking workshop sets the perfect foundation that will help you transform from a casual baker to an in-demand professional chef.

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What all you will learn in the “Christmas Cakes Online Baking workshop


Recipe 1: Eggless Plum Cake


This recipe is perfect for every Christmas party. You’ll learn how to macerate dry fruits without the use of alcohol and also give tips on macerating dry fruits with alcohol.


Recipe 2: Eggless Tiramisu Tub Cake

In this recipe, you’ll learn how to make eggless lady fingers, mascarpone fillings, and how to layer tiramisu into a tub cake which is very trendy and easy to transport and sell.


Recipe 3: Eggless Macaron with Christmas Designs

In this recipe, you’ll learn some professional fail-proof eggless macaron shell recipes that bakers use internationally for best results. We cover 3 Christmas inspired macaron designs with Eggless Royal icing, Cream cheese and buttercream frosting.

Recipe 4: Christmas themed Bento cake

In this recipe, we’ll cover three elements, first is the eggless chocolate sponge then Christmas ganaches frosting and Whipped cream frosting.

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This will help you understand where you are going wrong, and with the right mentorship given by our chefs, you can take your baking skills to the next level.


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Who is this Workshop for?

If you are a home baking business owner or looking to add new products to your menu, these Christmas special recipes will be the perfect add-on to your menu

If you love spending your festivals baking and you’re looking for interesting new baked dishes for an upcoming party or event at home, this workshop is perfect for you.

If you are a professional baker who wants to enhance your baking skills and learn Christmas specific making recipes, look no further.

If you are a food blogger who wants to add delicious new Christmas special recipes to their content feed, then this is the workshop you have been looking for.

We have trained 1000s of bakers who are running profitable home baking businesses with recipes like the ones we’ll teach you in this workshop.

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