Do you want to bake and sell bakery style cookies as a successful home baker?

Learn the Basics of Baking and Selling Delicious Bakery Style Cookies with our Chef's Handbook!

If you’re just getting started then this is the easiest way to learn baking, pricing and selling delicious, in-demand cookies as a home baker.

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Introducing the Chef's Handbook on Cookie Making

A Professional Baker’s handboook on Baking the perfect batch of Cookies, every single time.

This is the exact handbook that we offer to our students in our high-end hands-on Cookie Making courses at Truffle Nation.

The Handbook Contains 27 Modules, including 10 different recipes, costing, theory, tips, tricks and in-depth information on everything you need to know about baking varieties of delicious cookies.

 The printed version of the handbook is sold individually for Rs. 1500/-. Get the PDF version today for just Rs. 499/-.

What's Inside The Chef's Handbook?

1. Five Modules on Theory and Science behind Baking Cookies

Learn the foundational theory behind baking the perfect batch of cookies every time. From understanding textures to creaming, you’ll learn everything in these 5 modules.

2. Three Modules Covering the Most Frequently Asked Questions, Common Issues Bakers Face and how to fix them

As a new baker, you’ll definitely come across a lot of common issues when baking cookies. We’ve discussed some of the most frequently asked questions, and quick solutions to your most common baking problems.

3. Ten Eggless Cookie Recipes in over 4 Different Categories

The handbook also includes recipes of 10 different Cookies from various categories. All recipes are available in both egg and eggless versions.

4. Complete Costing Structure for every Recipe Along with Cost Reduction Tips

For every recipe, we give you a detailed breakdown on the costing for wholesale baking and selling price.

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Perfect Course!

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Emma Black

Perfect Course!

Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi.

Emma Black