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Launch a Profitable Home Based Bakery Business From Scratch In the Next 90 Days!

No Previous Experience (as a Baker) Required

With Bake Better Pro, you’ll get a proven recipes, techniques and secrets used by professional chefs to turn your love for baking into your new successful business within the next 3 months

A sneak peak inside the Membership:

Baking is not only an amazing skill to learn for yourself and your family but I’ve seen it open up career and business opportunities for countless people including myself.

Yes, there are a lot of options to learn baking online but it’s just here with Bake Better Pro 3 Month distance learning course where you’ll learn not only the recipes but also every detail on how to setup your own home based baking business from scratch.

Whether it’s about finding the right suppliers or taking photographs from your phone that really sell, we’ve made sure that you have an answer to all of your questions when it comes to starting a bakery business.

Whether you’re a home baker or someone who is just starting out, we’ve covered everything from scratch so that you know everything before getting to the first recipe!

Moreover, if you ever feel stuck, you’ll have complete access to an amazing community of passionate bakers and Weekly live group calls with our professional chefs who’ll be there to answer your questions live, every single week!

Module 1: Foundations of Baking Mastercourse

You might have already gone through our foundational baking mini-course. 

But if you haven’t, then this module takes you through the foundational baking tips, techniques and recipes that will help you build the foundation to really put the rest of this course in practice.

In module you will learn:

  • How to use this course
  • Understanding Baking Ingredients
  • Understanding Baking Equipments
  • Understanding Ovens for Bakers
  • How to Measure Correctly when baking
  • Nutella Brownie Recipe Tutorial (Eggless)
  • Black Forest Cookie Recipe Tutorial (Eggless)
  • How to Make a Cold Set cheesecake (Eggless)
  • Orange Almond Cake Recipe Tutorial (Eggless)
  • Mango and Coconut Cake Recipe Tutorial (Eggless)

Module 2: Cookie Making Masterclass with Chef Kirty worth Rs. 5000

This Module is all about mastering the art of baking cookies. From learning the fundamental science behind baking delicious cookies to step-by-step tutorial on how to bake over 8 different types of cookies. You’ll get access to everything listed below. 

In this module, you’ll learn:


  • Difference between cookies and biscuits
  • History of cookies
  • How to use this course
  • Methods of cookie making
  • Science behind baking of cookies
  • Ajwain Cookies  (Eggless)
  • Biscotti Cookies (Eggless)
  • Centre Filled Nutella (Eggless)
  • Cake Rusk (Eggless)
  • Granola Cookies (Eggless)
  • Jumbo Chocolate Cookies (Eggless)
  • Peanut Butter Cookies (Eggless)
  • Wholewheat Cookies (Eggless)

Module 3: Complete Celebration Cakes Mastercourse with Chef Ayushi worth Rs. 10000

In this Module, you’ll learn:


  • Role of ingredients
  • History of cakes
  • Methods of cake making
  • Faults in cake making


  • Opera Cake Recipe Tutorial (Eggless)
  • Chocolate Caramel Cake Recipe Tutorial (Egg)
  • Black Forest Mousse Cake Recipe Tutorial (Eggless)
  • Red Velvet Cake Recipe Tutorial (Eggless)
  • Chandelier Cake Recipe Tutorial (Eggless)

Module 4: Travel Cakes MasterClass with Chef Ayushi
worth Rs. 5000

In this Module, you’ll learn:


  • How to use the course
  • History of travel cakes


  • Marble Cake Tutorial (Egg)
  • Chocolate And Hazelnut Cake Tutorial (Eggless)
  • Blueberry And Lemon Cake Tutorial (Eggless)
  • Carrot Cake Tutorial (Eggless)
  • Fruit And Nut Cake Tutorial (Egg)
  • Healthy Oats Cake Tutorial (Eggless)

Module 5: Fondant Sugarcraft MasterClass with Chef Shweta worth Rs. 8000

In this Module, you’ll learn how to make the following decorations awith fondant:


  • Basic fondant theory
  • Tools and equipments not done
  • Fondant Storage

Designs and figurines

  • David Austin Sugar Rose
  • Rose Flower
  • Peony Flower
  • Human Figure
  • Fondant Making
    Edible Glue
  • 3-Tier Designer Wedding Cake (Eggless)

Module 6: The Art of Baking Artisanal Bread with Chef Deepanshu worth Rs. 5000

In this module, Chef Deepanshu will teach you everything you need to learn about baking bread.

Theory topics:

  • Intro and history
  • Understanding the ingredients
  • Window pane
  • Stages of bread making
  • Kneading methods
  • Faults in bread making
  • Understanding gluten


  • Milk bread (Eggless)
  • Multigrain buns Recipe Tutorial (Eggless)
  • Pesto babka Recipe Tutorial (Eggless)
  • Garlic bread Recipe Tutorial (Eggless)
  • Cinnamon bread Recipe Tutorial (Eggless)
  • Donuts Recipe Tutorial (Eggless)

Module 7: Pies and Tarts Mastercourse with Chef Gaurav worth Rs. 5000

In this module, You’ll learn:


  • Types of pastry
  • History of pies and tarts


  • Apple Pie (Eggless)
  • Quiche Recipe Tutorial (Egg)
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Tart Recipe Tutorial (Eggless)
  • Caramel Peanut Tart Recipe Tutorial (Eggless)
  • Blitz Pastry Recipe Tutorial (Eggless)
  • Fruit Tart Recipe Tutorial (Eggless)

Module 8: The Art of Chocolate Making with Chef Gaurav worth Rs. 3000

In this module, you’ll go from a complete beginner to learning how to make and design delicious chocolates.You’ll learn:


  • What is Tempering
  • Tempering with table method and seeding method
  • History of chocolate
  • Types of trees
  • Types of chocolates


  • Framboise (Eggless)
  • Mango Chilli Bar (Eggless)
  • Hazelnut Bar (Eggless)
  • Caramel Truffle (Eggless)
  • Coconut Truffle (Eggless)
  • Cherry Cream Cheese Bonbon (Eggless)
  • Green Wine Bar (Eggless)

Read what our students are saying about Our Baking Courses.

"The environment and ambience here at Truffle Nation is great. Chefs are ready to help you with anything you need, that's why I loved learning at Truffle Nation."
- Sanjana Goel (New Delhi)
"I wanted to offer Eggless products to my customers and Truffle Nation has curated eggless recipes for its courses. That's why Truffle Nation was the best institute for my needs."
- Ashwini Jain (Bold Baking Nation in Ahmedabad)

Here's what you get when you Register for the Bake Better Pro Course!

The Bake Better Pro is a 3 month distance learning online baking course that teaches you everything from baking celebration cakes to building your own home based bakery business.

  • 1 Year Access to Celebration Cakes Mastercourse worth Rs. 10,000
  • 1 Year Access to Artisanal Bread Mastercourse worth Rs. 8000
  • 1 Year Access to Fondant Sugarcraft MasterClass worth Rs. 8000
  • 1 Year Access to Cookie Making Masterclass worth Rs. 5000
  • 1 Year Access to Pies and Tarts Mastercourse worth Rs. 5000
  • 1 Year Access to Travel Cakes MasterClass worth Rs. 5000
  • 1 Year Access to Art of Chocolate Making Masterclass worth Rs. 8000
  • Printable Recipe Cards of all Recipes in the membership worth Rs. 10000
  • BONUS: Live Chef Hours Group Calls Every Week worth Rs. 5000
  • BONUS: New Extra Recipes Added every month worth Rs. 5000

Total Value: Rs. 70,000  
Bake Better Pro Course Price: Rs.14,999

"The chefs at Truffle Nation are really professional and dedicated. They've helped me throughout my journey as a baker"
- Nilza (Nilza's Bakery in Leh)
"I learned a lot of new techniques. The entire setup at Truffle Nation gave me ideas on how to setup my own bakery kitchen."
- Wabang (Petite Paris, Shillong)