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Learn to Bake These 8 Delicious Bakery-Style Christmas Desserts?

In our mini baking workshop, you’ll learn how to bake eight delicious Christmas inspired desserts.

This Christmas special online baking workshop sets the perfect foundation that will help you transform from a casual baker to an in-demand professional chef.

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What all you will learn in the “Mini Christmas Online Baking workshop”

Christmas Wreath Cookies
Recipe 1: Christmas Wreath Cookies

In this recipe, You’ll learn you how to prepare a delicious vanilla sable cookie.

Not just that, this gourmet cookie is garnished with a Christmas-themed ganache, which is decorated with dry fruits and Rosemary.

This gourmet bakery-style cookie screams Christmas in every bite.

Elements Covered:

  • Mix Spice Vanilla Sable
  • Christmas Ganache with dry fruits and Rosemary
Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake
Recipe 2: Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake

Next, we move to another Christmas delight with the Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake.

Our chef will teach you how to flawlessly assemble the different layers. Plus, we will be using the strawberry milk chocolate ganache for layering.

Finally, the mini pastries are topped with sliced strawberries and edible flowers.

Rich in flavours and texture, this shortcake is loved by the Pastry Chefs at Truffle Nation, and yes, this is also completely eggless.

Elements Covered:

  • Rich Chocolate Cake
  • Strawberry Milk Chocolate Ganache
  • Fresh Strawberries Garnish
Recipe 3: Dundee cake

Take the traditional scottish cake made with dry fruits to a whole new level by adding christmas chocolate ganache and fondant draping!

Recipe 4: Panetonne

It’s time for Christmas and new year and we don’t want you to miss some of the most traditional dishes! Panetonne is one such italian rich, buttery and sweet bread made during the holiday season.

Recipe 5: Gingerbread Christmas Wreath Cookies

We all know how lucky a Christmas wreath is considered. So why not bake one for your loved ones too. In this you will learn making a wreath out of gingerbread cookies, see-through cookies and decoration using eggless royal icing

Recipe 6: Christmas Special Donuts

Delicious soft donuts with two varieties of flavours and designs.
You will learn eggless donuts with cream cheese filling, caramel ganache filling and colored chocolate glaze.

Recipe 7: Gingerbread church

With this recipe, we decided to give gingerbread house a twist and instead make a gingerbread church! Yes, you will how to make and assemble a beautiful gingerbread church from scratch!

Recipe 8: Swiss rolls

We’re all fond of Swiss Roll and we have got you Eggless cake roll made with bi-color sponge and Peppermint chocolate buttercream frosting. You will also learn fondant snowman and candy cane

Who is this Workshop for?

If you are a home baking business owner or looking to add new products to your menu, these Christmas special recipes will be the perfect add-on to your menu

If you love spending your festivals baking and you’re looking for interesting new baked dishes for an upcoming party or event at home, this workshop is perfect for you.

If you are a professional baker who wants to enhance your baking skills and learn Christmas specific making recipes, look no further.

If you are a food blogger who wants to add delicious new Christmas special recipes to their content feed, then this is the workshop you have been looking for.

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