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From: Chef Kirty

Let me be real with you..

It can be quite frustrating when you don’t even know where to start!

That’s why I designed this course to be the perfect way to introduce you to the world of baking celebration cakes and take you behind the kitchen and show you how real pastry chefs bake.

If you’ve been thinking about starting as a baker or you’ve baked a few cakes but aren’t really confident then this is the certification course for you!

This course is designed to be an on-demand course where you get lifetime access to all of the recipes and video tutorials but you get to ask all your questions and queries live from our team of professional chefs!


This Course is for You if...

You want to start your own profitable bakery or cafe

You might eventually hire bakers to do the actual baking but just like anything it’s important to be self reliant and know the basic cake baking skills to make effective hiring and business decisions.

You're a Passionate Home baker who wants to grow their business​

and add high quality products to your home bakery menu and take your profits and pricing to the next level while delighting your customers with new, interesting flavours.

You want to Become a Professional Pastry Chef

and pursue a career as a baker or pastry chef then this course is the fastest way to build a skillset as a celebration cake baker.

Home Based Cake Baking Businesses are the NEXT BIG THING!

Baking is not only an amazing skill to learn for yourself and your family but I’ve seen it open up career and business opportunities for countless people including myself. Bakers across India are becoming instagram celebrities and celebrated entrepreneurs just because they’ve mastered the art of baking. 

Thanks to platforms like Zomato and Instagram, new home bakers who can bake bakery style cakes just like their customers want are getting all the attention. Successful Brands like Dohful, Cheesecake and Company and Tuileries are just some of our favourite brands that have been started by people just like you!

And now, it’s your turn.

In this online course, we will be teaching you everything you need to know about making Bakery Style Celebration cakes just like a professional baker and start your own home based cake baking business. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Whether you’re a home baker or someone who is just starting out, we’ve covered everything from scratch so that you know everything before getting to the first recipe!


We’ve also covered eggless recipes for half of our video tutorials and attached printable recipes for both egg and eggles versions for all our recipes so that you can practice baking them in both variations.


Moreover, if you ever feel stuck, you’ll have complete access to an amazing community of passionate bakers and Weekly live group calls with our professional chefs who’ll be there to answer your questions live, every single week!

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Here are just a few of our students who have started successful baking business all over India!

Wabang started Petite Paris in Shillong

Ashwini Jain started Bold Baking Nation

Nilza started Nilza's Bakery in Leh

Sadhna started Le Daux in Odisha

What's Inside the Course?

Module 1: Introduction and Cake Making Theory

In module you will learn:

  • History of Cake Making and Piping
  • Role of Ingredients
  • Methods of Cake Making
  • Common Faults in Cakes

Module 2: Chocolate Caramel Cake Recipe

In module you will learn:

  • Intro and Making Chocolate Caramel Cake Sponge
  • How to make Chocolate Mousse
  • How to make Caramelized Walnuts Filling
  • How to make Chocolate Garnish
  • How to make Chocolate Drip
  • Assembly of Chocolate Caramel Cake
  • Assembly Part 2 – Final Coating of Chocolate Caramel Cake

Module 3: Opera Cake Recipe

In module you will learn:

  • Opera Cake Sponge Tutorial
  • How to make Chablon
  • How to make Coffee Buttercream
  • How to make Dark Chocolate Ganache
  • How to make Chocolate Glaze and French macaron Garnish
  • How to make Soaking Syrup
  • Assembly of the Opera Cake

Module 4: Red Velvet Cake Recipe

In module you will learn:

  • Intro And Red Velvet Cake Sponge
  • How to make Cream Cheese Buttercream
  • How to make 1st Part & 3rd Part of Frosting
  • How to make 2nd Part Frosting
  • Assembly of The Red Velvet Cake
  • Making Coloured Cocoa Butter and Velvet Spray
  • Garnishing and Completion of the Cake

Module 5: Black Forest Mousse Cake Recipe

In module you will learn:

  • Intro and Making of the Sponge
  • How to make Cherry Jelly and Soaking Syrup
  • How to make White Chocolate Mousse
  • How to make Milk Chocolate Mousse
  • How to make Chocolate Mirror Glaze
  • How to make Chocolate Garnish
  • Assembly Part 1- Glazing of the Cake
  • Assembly Part 2 – Garnishing Of The Cake

Module 6: 3 Tier Chandelier Wedding Cake

In module you will learn:

  • Intro and Baking of 6-inch Cake Sponge
  • How to make Ganache for Inner and outer part
  • Layering of 6 Inch cake
  • Completing 6 Inch Cake
  • Preparing Middle Tier (8-inch cake)
  • Rolling & Draping Fondant On Middle Tier (8 inch cake)
  • Completing Middle Tier (8 inch Cake)
  • Completing Top Tier (10 inch Cake)
  • Assembly Of The Chandelier Cake

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