Online Baking Mastercourse

Learn How to make bakery-style Cakes & Launch a Profitable Home Based Cake Baking Business from scratch in less than 30 Days

No Experience (as a Baker) Required

With this 18-Day Online Cake Making Mastercourse, you’ll get a proven recipes used by professional chefs and access to home bakery business strategies to turn your love for baking into your new home bakery business within the next 30 days.

Building a Home Based Cake Baking Business is the next big opportunity

Did you know cakes are one of the best selling products at every bakery.

Moreover, it is one of products that is made using the most basic ingredients but you can still bake them into hundreds of different flavors with small adjustments.

All you need to know are some modern recipes, baking tips that only professional bakers know to bake these delicious bakery style cakes.

But Why Learn Cakes?

Baking cookies is one of the easiest ways to start your journey as a successful home baker.

Whether you want to learn just to impress your friends, family or kids or maybe you’re planning to kickstart your very own successful home based cookie business.

Knowing the secrets of baking cookies like a professional baker is one of the easiest ways to impress anyone and everyone who tastes your cookies.

Most bakers think that cakes are where the real bakeries are made but we miss the fact that every cafe, gift hamper or home is incomplete without a good batch of cookies to go with your favorite tea or coffee. 

Moreover, since it’s easy to bake and doesn’t cost a lot, baking cookies is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to improve your skills as a baker.c

Whether you’re a home baker who wants to add more products to their home bakery menu or someone who just wants to learn how to bake amazing cookies, this course is for you! 

Now there are many ways to learn how to bake these cookies and turn your newly acquired skill into a real business. 

The first option is how everyone usually starts and that is watching recipe videos on Youtube!

That’s how I started and that’s probably how you will start too but the biggest problem with youtube is that while you may be able to learn the recipes, they don’t really teach you everything that you need to know like why did my cookies get hard after baking or why do my cookies spread too much on baking. 

As a skilled baker, you need to understand the science behind baking so that you can fix all common issues by yourself.

Moreover, once you understand how different ingredients work together, you can come up with your own recipes and work with different ingredients to create new flavours.

You don’t have to waste months figuring it all out by yourself. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in this online Mastercourse.

Day 1: Cake Making Theory

In module you will learn:

  • Role of ingredients
  • History of cakes
  • Methods of cake making
  • Faults in cake making

Day 2 and 3 : Chocolate Caramel Cake Recipe Tutorial (Eggless)

In module you will learn:

  • Intro and Making Chocolate Caramel Cake Sponge
  • How to make Chocolate Mousse
  • How to make Caramelized Walnuts Filling
  • How to make Chocolate Garnish
  • How to make Chocolate Drip
  • Assembly of Chocolate Caramel Cake

Day 4 and 5: Opera Cake Recipe Tutorial

In module you will learn:

  • Opera Cake Sponge Tutorial
  • How to make Chablon
  • How to make Coffee Buttercream
  • How to make Dark Chocolate Ganache
  • How to make Chocolate Glaze and French macaron Garnish
  • How to make Soaking Syrup
  • Assembly of the Opera Cake

Day 6 and 7: Red Velvet Cake Recipe

In module you will learn:

  • Intro And Red Velvet Cake Sponge
  • How to make Cream Cheese Buttercream
  • Assembly of The Red Velvet Cake
  • Making Coloured Cocoa Butter and Velvet Spray
  • Garnishing and Completion of the Cake

Day 7 and 8: Black Forest Mousse Cake Recipe

In module you will learn:

  • Intro and Making of the Sponge
  • How to make Cherry Jelly and Soaking Syrup
  • How to make White Chocolate Mousse
  • How to make Milk Chocolate Mousse
  • How to make Chocolate Mirror Glaze
  •  How to make Chocolate Garnish
  • Assembly – Glazing of the Cake

Day 9, 10 and 11: 3 Tier Chandelier Wedding Cake

In module you will learn:

  • Intro and Baking of 6-inch Cake Sponge
  • How to make Ganache for Inner and outer part
  • Layering of 6 Inch cake
  • Completing 6 Inch Cake
  • Preparing Middle Tier (8-inch cake)
  • Rolling & Draping Fondant On Middle Tier (8 inch cake)
  • Completing Middle Tier (8 inch Cake)
  • Completing Top Tier (10 inch Cake)
  • Assembly Of The Chandelier Cake

Business Session: Menu Setup, Pricing and Costing – To be added soon

Business Session: How to Design Packaging and Find Manufacturers – To be added soon

Business Session: How to find good suppliers, verify them and our list of suppliers – To be added soon

Business Session: How to Manage Deliveries to your Customers - To be added soon

Business Session: How to Sell your Baked Products on Swiggy and Zomato - To be added soon

Business Session: How to Setup an Instagram account for your bakery - To be added soon

Business Session: Kitchen Layout and Equipment for a budget home bakery- To be added soon

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"The chefs at Truffle Nation are really professional and dedicated. They've helped me throughout my journey as a baker"
- Nilza (Nilza's Bakery in Leh)
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- Wabang (Petite Paris, Shillong)

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Read what our students are saying about Our Baking Courses.

"The environment and ambience here at Truffle Nation is great. Chefs are ready to help you with anything you need, that's why I loved learning at Truffle Nation."
- Sanjana Goel (New Delhi)
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